Leaving the toxicity of a family dynamic can be an incredibly difficult and lonely experience, but t it is also an opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and independence. This moment in life can be an opportunity to pause and find what truly matters to YOU as a person, like your unique gifts and talents or where you want to put your energy. It may also be a chance to develop healthier relationships that are based on unconditional love, trust, kindness, and mutual respect. As difficult as it might feel in the moment, leaving a toxic situation can ultimately provide a surprising amount of freedom and joy once removed from the situation. In the beginning, I didn't know what to do with myself and would try to fill the void with old patterns. It took some time before I got it right and started finding new, meaningful hobbies with people who care. Healing and change is possible with the right steps. I am so glad I found my way, even if it did take me ten years. PS.: Just because they have been in your life the longest, does NOT mean they are good for you. 


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