*TRIGGER ALERT*This post contains descriptions of drug use* 

After my sister was born, we were able to go home as my mom finished rehab at ASAC. We had moved to a new apartment and my mom stayed clean for a short time. It wasn't long until she was back at it again. I remember many nights of my sister crying and no one was coming to her aid. During the nights when she was very young, I did not sleep well. It seemed to get better as she got older and I was able to help sooth her. She grew into my best friend as she got older. I felt the need to help her and protect her. It was the only loving bond we really had was each other. I cannot speak for her full story, as I don't remember everything well as I endured a lot of trauma and stress through childhood. Luckily, I got to go visit my biological father once in a while to get a short break from the crap life we were living. I recall my mother having seizures many times as a child. There were times that she would show up at my dad's house when I was visiting, and she would have start seizing. We would have to turn her on her side and watch her tongue so she would not choke while calling 9-1-1. My mother went into the hospital for overdosing many times before the very last time she overdosed, and every time we were at the hospital it was a pain in the ass to get her to cooperate for the doctors and find a vein that was not scarred over. Until next time...sending hugs. Your past does NOT define you.


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