IBS-M - Low FODMAP Alternative Food Options and Supplements

I was diagnosed with IBS when I found myself in the hospital with ischemic colitis, bleeding and GERD symptoms. This was no fun and I needed to find a way to navigate life with this new diagnosis. Below is an alternative food list for people diagnosed with IBS.

Surviving IBS-M :Dealing with Gut Whirlwinds
So, you've found yourself on the wild ride of living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Mixed Features (IBS-M). It's like being on a roller coaster that never quite follows the same track. If you're nodding your head, you know exactly what I mean. IBS-M is a type of stomach trouble that throws diarrhea and constipation into the same mix. Buckle up as we explore how to handle this crazy coaster and make life a bit smoother.
Cracking the IBS-M Code
Picture this: you're dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but this time it's got a twist. IBS-M takes the drama of IBS and mixes in diarrhea and constipation – a double whammy for your gut. On some days, you're racing to the bathroom; on others, you're feeling all blocked up. Add bellyaches, bloating, and gas to the mix, and you've got yourself a real party.
Symptoms and What Sets Them Off
Living with IBS-M means getting cozy with a bunch of symptoms that can be as varied as a buffet menu. You've got your diarrhea, constipation, tummy aches, and bloating – a full house of discomfort. The tricky part is figuring out what makes these symptoms dance. Could be certain foods like the spicy stuff, or maybe stress has a way of flipping the gut switch. Even things in your environment could be messing with your gut vibes.
Taming the Coaster: Tricks for Handling IBS-M
Sure, there's no magic trick to conquer IBS-M, but there are some tricks up our sleeves to help you handle it better:
Play with Your Plate - Start by keeping tabs on what you munch on. A food diary might just reveal the villains – those foods that set off your gut's alarm bells. Chatting with a food expert, like a dietitian, can help you choose what's friendlier for your belly. 

The low fodmap diet is a helpful tool. Monash Fodmap has a handy app that makes my life a heck of a lot easier.
In my case, I had to replace some of my favorite foods with low fodmap options. Here are some of my favorites:

I had to replace real garlic with this Garlic Infused Oil. Stressful, I know! But it does the trick and is delicious!
Almond milk instead of cow's milk. This took some getting used to, but it can be done. I find the unsweetened original recipe is more like regular milk, but many others prefer this Silk Vanilla
Fody Taco Seasoning is a good taco seasoning alternative without the onion:
Fody's Lemon Herb Seasoning is great for fish, chicken and pork. My family loves this stuff on Salmon!

Prego Sensitive Recipe and rice/corn noodles for pasta. Great alternatives that my family doesn't even notice is a different recipe than the norm ;)
As for a sweet treat that's mostly healthy, but curbs the craving, these cookies are amazing! 
Adding a daily fiber supplement and probiotic is extremely helpful for digestion. I highly recommend these:

Chill Out, Dude! -Stress can be like that friend who stirs up trouble at parties. So, keep them in check. Breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga can be your stress-busters. Give them a shot.
Move that Booty- Regular exercise isn't just about fitting into your jeans – it's also a ticket to smoother bowel movements. Plus, it's like a natural stress zapper. Win-win!
You’re a thirsty B! - Staying hydrated is like giving your gut a high-five. It helps everything move along nicely, if you catch my drift.
Medicine Magic -Sometimes, meds are the heroes. Your doc might prescribe stuff like antispasmodics, anti-diarrheals, or laxatives to help you ride the roller coaster with less drama.
Stay in Touch with the Doc - Regularly checking in with your doc is like having a GPS for this roller coaster. They can fine-tune your game plan and guide you through those loop-de-loops.
Lean on Your Crew- Living with IBS-M can sometimes feel like being stranded on an island. But guess what? There are others on this island too! Join support groups or talk to a shrink – whatever floats your boat – and share the load. I have found Facebook support groups are extremely helpful. They even have one just for IBS “shitposting” which is posting funny memes that resonate with our “shitty situations”.
The Journey – Not a Destination
Life with IBS-M can be like chasing a mischievous cat. But hang on, you're not alone in this. Connect with others who are navigating this maze, adopt habits that make your belly happy, and get expert advice – these are your tools for taking control as best you can.