My Story (the 90s)

My mom and stepdad were addicts for many years. I was always stressed and worried about what the next day would bring. I remember staying with my mom in ASAC and seeing her go to rehab and prison many, many times. In fact, in 1994 we lived at ASAC for a short time. I remember hanging out with my mom in the room and attending meetings with her. After a meeting we headed back to the room, and she started feeling ill. She was pregnant at the time. She told me to get someone for help, so I found a lady outside to come help. At that moment, she was going into labor. When she got to the hospital, they delivered my baby sister. She was born premature weighing in at a little over 4 pounds. Little did I know, I was also becoming a mother... 

If you are using drugs and trying to raise children, please drop the drugs. No matter how much you think using doesn't affect you or them, it does. Your children will thank you for sobriety later. There is help. You are not alone. #takecareofyou

 Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help Hotline (888) 548-4953
Local to Iowa? Please check out to Crush of Iowa Community Center @ 

Welcome to my story

I am working to blog as much as possible. I plan to share some of my past and current life experiences. I am hopeful that hearing my upbringing can bring hope to others who are suffering much like I did. To be honest, I am very nervous to share it, but I am going to start.  Let's start towards the beginning, My name is Casi, I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I was raised mostly on the Southeast side of Cedar Rapids, but we did move a lot. My childhood was riddled with difficulties starting early on. I want to say around the age of 3 or 4. I do not remember as much as I probably should...the doctor says that happens with childhood trauma, but I have quite a few memories, mostly bad, but some good. These blogs will mostly contain my experiences with the way I was raised, how it affected my mental development into adulthood, and what I did to help get myself on track to a healthy, fulfilling life.  I plan to blog 1-2 times a week. See you soon! 

Sending love!