I am working to blog as much as possible. I plan to share some of my past and current life experiences. I am hopeful that hearing my upbringing can bring hope to others who are suffering much like I did. To be honest, I am very nervous to share it, but I am going to start.  Let's start towards the beginning, My name is Casi, I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I was raised mostly on the Southeast side of Cedar Rapids, but we did move a lot. My childhood was riddled with difficulties starting early on. I want to say around the age of 3 or 4. I do not remember as much as I probably should...the doctor says that happens with childhood trauma, but I have quite a few memories, mostly bad, but some good. These blogs will mostly contain my experiences with the way I was raised, how it affected my mental development into adulthood, and what I did to help get myself on track to a healthy, fulfilling life.  I plan to blog 1-2 times a week. See you soon! 

Sending love!



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